TRANSLATION CAFÉ |Translations from: Mihail Galatanu by Gianina Casleanu- She Is the Turtle

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Mihail Galatanu

Ea este broasca testoasa

Ea este broasca testoasa
care a colindat o mie de ani
care tine o mie de ani in carcasa ei paminteasca
Si care, in sfirsit, a ajuns si la mine sa ma iubeasca.

Ea se urca pe mine
Ma colinda
uscior cu uscior,
grinda cu grinda.
Caprior dupa caprior.
Cercevea linga cercevea
Si geamlic linga geamlic
de ma uit si io la ea
ca gheseftul la matrapazlic.

Si io sint de colindat,
ca mindra de maritat.
Ca gardut de ocolit,
Ca ibovnic de iubit.

Prag dupa prag
clanta dupa clanta
Si zavor dupa zavor
Si berbant linga berbanta.

Matamii si io,
aici si colo,
picior de taranoi
dupa dulce-i piciorus,

Ea este broasca testoasa
cea vagaboanta si pierzatoare de carapace
care, dupa o mie de ani, in mine si-a gasit casa.
Sint nebun dupa ea,
ca motorul dupa chiulasa.
Si-n ea ma tot slobod mereu,
ca si dulceata in melasa.
Gianina Casleanu

She Is the Turtle

She is the turtle who has been wandering for a thousand years
kept in her earthly shell
and who has come at last to show me what love is

She climbs me
Walks all over my body
Jamb by jamb
Beam by beam
Rafter by rafter
Frame by frame
Glass by glass
And I just sit and look at her
Like a mother looks at her baby

I am worth climbing just like a pretty girl’s worth marrying
a fence is worth enclosing
and a paramour is worth loving

Threshhold after threshold
Doorhandle after doorhandle
Bolt after bolt
And charmer after charmer
I’m nothing but a churl who sings the praises of her graceful leg

She is the wanderer turtle
Who has lost her shell
And found a home in me after a thousand years of solitude
I madly need her
Just like an engine needs its fuel
And I keep flowing into her
Just like a river flows into the sea

S-ar putea sa iti placa…