The Sun Also Rises|”The Sun Also Rises” 3 – the novel

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With a strong setting in Paris and parts of Spain such as Madrid, Pamplona, and Bayonne, “The Sun Also Rises” takes a journey through the countryside of Spain, as well as the big and busy city of Paris. Drama as occurred between close friends in this time of 1924, a spring filled with buzzing bees, succulent sunlight, and quarreling acquaintances. This wonderful work of fiction written by Ernest Hemingway. While Jake Barnes and his company of friends are on their way to see the bulls of Pamplona and the fiesta that follows, Jake’s old lover Brett Ashley has an affair with Jake’s best friend Robert Cohn, a Princeton educated Jew. While this is going on, Brett is still Mike’s fiancée, one of Jake’s other friends. Bill, an acquaintance of Jake’s spends his time with Jake, having drinks and fishing. After much of this activity, Cohn, Ashley, and Mike arrive in Pamplona from San Sebastion. Brett is a woman who likes many different men, so her affair with Robert Cohn meant nothing to her, but it meant a lot for him. While in Pamplona and the hotel, Cohn is constantly following Brett around like a sad puppy dog. Brett, after being fed up with the whole ordeal, calls Robert on his behavior, exposing him to Mike, Brett’s fiancé, who takes the news lightly.
The whole point of the crew going to Spain was to see the running of the bulls and the bullfights that go along with it. Jake’s friend Montoya, who owns the hotel they are staying at, is an aficionado on bull fighting, as well as Jake. Montoya introduces Jake to young but very talented bullfighter by the name of Pedro Romero. Brett, who is suddenly infatuated with this young stud whose nearly half her age, persuades Jake to get the two aquatinted. Mike, drunken and tight, hears of this and calls Jake a pimp, of which makes Jake feel like an ass. Pedro and Brett run off together for a short-lived fling.

To put it all together shortly but simply, a man who doesn’t want to get old along with aging friends set out on small adventures to make themselves somehow feel young. One of these events turns out to be the fiesta of the bulls in Pamplona. Brett, a needy and beautiful woman has a close connection with all of the men on her trip, and eventually creates one with one of the main attractions at the bullfights. Jake and his male friends leave, while Brett has run off with the bullfighter. After breaking the fling off, Brett returns to Jake for help, and resolves to stay with Mike after all.

There was lot’s of talking in this book. Hemingway obviously sees the importance of conversation in a book about people and their lives or the way they live. A great majority of the important details came about with the knowledge of what these characters spoke about. Also a better understanding of the characters was established through the use of dialogue.

The main conflict in this book was man vs. himself. Brett was struggling to come to terms with what type of person she was, as well as Mike. Jake was steadily trying to keep himself together in order to keep his friends friends. Robert Cohn was just trying his best to make himself feel young or as if he had really lived. The characters all had problems with themselves.

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