TRANSLATION CAFÉ 2008, Nr. 22/January 1, 2008, D. H. Lawrence, Translations from: D. H. Lawrence – Bavarian Gentians by Valentin Popa – Gentiene de Bavaria

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D. H. Lawrence – Bavarian Gentians

Not every man has gentians in his house
in soft September, at slow, sad Michaelmas.

Bavarian gentians, big and dark, only dark
darkening the daytime, torch-like, with the smoking blueness of Pluto’s gloom,
ribbed and torch-like, with their blaze of darkness spread blue
down flattening into points, flattened under the sweep of white day
torch-flower of the blue-smoking darkness, Pluto’s dark-blue daze,
black lamps from the halls of Dis, burning dark blue,
giving off darkness, blue darkness, as Demeter’s pale lamps give off light,
lead me then, lead the way.

Reach me a gentian, give me a torch!
let me guide myself with the blue, forked torch of this flower
down the darker and darker stairs, where blue is darkened on blueness
even where Persephone goes, just now, from the frosted September
to the sightless realm where darkness is awake upon the dark
and Persephone herself is but a voice
or a darkness invisible enfolded in the deeper dark
of the arms Plutonic, and pierced with the passion of dense gloom,
among the splendor of torches of darkness, shedding darkness
on the lost bride and her groom.    
Valentin Popa – Gentiene de Bavaria

Nu oricine tine gentiene de Bavaria in casa
in Blandul Septembrie, de Sfantul Mihai cel trist si incet

Gentiene de Bavaria, mari si intunecate, numai intunecate,
intunecand lumina zilei, asemenei unor torte, cu albastrul fumuriul al austeritatii plutoniene,
cu nervuri, asemeni unor torte, cu flacarile lor intunecate intinzandu-se albastru
reduse la niste puncte, reduse de lumina navalnica a zilei
floare-torta in intunericul albastru fumuriu, aura albastru intunecat a lui Pluto,
lampi negre din incaperile din Dis, albastru intunecat arzator,
emanand intuneric, intuneric albastru, asa cum lampile palide ale Demetrei emana lumina,
duceti-ma acolo, aratati drumul.

Intindeti-mi o gentiana, dati-mi o torta!
lasati-ma sa ma iau dupa intuneric, torta bifurcata a acestei flori
in jos pe scarile tot mai intunecate, unde albastrul devine tot mai intunecat in albastru
drept acolo unde merge Persefona chiar acum, din inghetatul Septembrie
spre taramul orb unde intunericul dainuie asupra intunericului
si Persefona insasi este doar un glas
sau un intuneric invizibil infasurat in intunericul si mai adanc
al imbratisarii plutonice si strapuns de pasiunea densei austeritati
in splendoarea tortelor intunericului, revarsand intuneric
peste mireasa pierduta si mirele ei

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