The History of the Automobile :Conclusion

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After days of researching regarding the history of the automobile I realized that it has helped us over the years and we need to thank those who created it. Also I have noticed that nothing can be achieved without hard work and if we fail once or twice it does not matter, we have to keep on trying and eventually our work will be rewarded. Automobile history is fascinating, a great evolution in a rather small period of time, but also this evolution has brought some negative influences.

I recently got a drivers license and I can say that getting a drivers license made me realize time goes by very fast, I am no longer that kid that rode the bicycle all day and bothered his neighbors with his buzzer, I am becoming a grown up and as this happens I have more and more responsibilities that I must be aware of. One of the most recent responsibilities is in my wallet, my drivers’ license. I immediately became aware of its importance and that it is not a joke, it is to be taken seriously because it is not some childish game.

To conclude I would like to say that I learned that automobiles made our lives much easier. Our only requirement is to drive them in a safe and responsible way. We must be aware of all dangers we could put ourselves in and not just ourselves, others can also be endangered by the way we drive. So what else is there to be said then… “Drive safely, obey the laws of the road and always wear your seatbelt”.


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