The Rights of the Child

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Children are also human beings! They are also entitled to fundamental human rights, and have the right to self-respect, and to be valued as human beings. This is stated that every member of the human race is allowed that every person has the right that is equal and inalienable.
Why do children have the right? All children have the right to have their basic needs met, not only for survival and protection but also to be able to develop to their full potential, to participates as member of society and to grow up to be caring responsible citizen. So that all of us should be care them, as well as we care our self. All rights and needs apply to every child without any discrimination by race, culture, religion, gender, class, ability or age. This is because if someone has the right to create his or her ideas, as a human even others need express their ideas too.

Human rights begin with children rights. So we have to think that if there is a law for who protects the human, should be have a law to protect the children. This is because as I said, children rights are the first right that human can protect and grow up as valuable human in a citizen. If there is no right to protect the children naturally there is no right to fully protected human rights.

A child need breathe for survival and also they need to protect their future life. This can be allowed to give shelter, food, safety and health care for the needful children. The foremost important thing is that protection. Protection is very important to the child as their young age. This is because they are physically and mentally weak to come out the society. .They may face lot of injuries and bad habits. They need to develop the things that will help them to grow. As for a developing child need all kind of things that are a child can have. So the law can open the gate to their developing ways. A child can decide what to do, as for his or her ability.

Mentally and physically all children are not equal, they need special care to develop the ability to will. Some of the children are disable by missing some of their organ, even though we have to provide them a special care to promote their level. This is because if a child has miss his / her eyes and need to be a doctor or someone else, he may do better effort than the child who has eyes. We have never told them they cannot do that or that.

Children as they grow and develop need to complete the developmental task that is their priority at each stage of their lives. They need to have the opportunities, at certain optimal developmental periods, to learn such things as language, social skill, cognitive skills, and fine motor skill. What children should have learned is that right are part of pattern of human relationships. Every one has rights, and we need to respect these, and to negotiate when rights conflict.

Children rights are often paired with children’s responsibilities but rights are not earn by fulfilling responsibilities rights are inherent. We cannot refuse to give child something that is his or her right because we disapprove of certain behavior Children should have their decisions taken into account, according to their age and maturity but they should not be burdened with responsibilities that are beyond their capability.

In the case of Muslim the child has rights to do anything which the Quruan allow him or her. There is no response before they mature. Which mean there is no sin when they are in small; all responsible is going to their guardian? Most probably the children have no responsibility and they have to obey his or her parents or the responsible. If there is missing of their conduct the parent should have to take responsibility.

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